Traverser Traverser

Year:  2015

Genre:  Sci-Fi

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Traverser is a dystopian future science fiction game set after the sun has died and humanity has descended to seek warmth below the surface of the Earth, in a city known as Brimstone. You play as Valerie Bennett, a new Traverser - a type of peace-keeper with the ability to rapidly travel between the upper and lower parts of the human civilization. You set out to investigate Raven Corp, an evil corporation that controls the air supply to Brimstone.

Upper City

Go downstairs and talk to your father, then pick up the voucher from the kitchen table. Go back upstairs and take your journal, then go downstairs and leave the house. Head along the road and meet Edgar Foss, then go along Maple Wend Street (follow the sign) and talk to Phil Air. Return home with the oxygen and talk to your father again, then leave. Go along the road and turn right. When you reach the Hotel Korpen, jump up to the roof to find a secret note (1/4).

Continue along the road and up the steps into the Raven HQ. Go forward, along the corridor to the right, and press the red button. After the introduction, go through to the test chamber and pick up the gravity glove. Use the glove to move the crates so you can jump up to the next area. Sneak through the next room, avoiding the cameras, and press the red button at the end. In the next chamber, press the button to release the PK bots, then destroy them by quickly dragging the boxes around with your gravity glove. Go through to the next area, where you should take the path to the right and use the flip station. Go around and grab 4 boxes, using them to block them bottom 2 levels of lasers so you can get past. Pick up and use the barrel, then go back to the flip station again. Use the barrel to sneak past the camera and guard to complete your exam. Get into the elevator and use it. Head straight back home.

Go upstairs and find another secret note (2/4) next to your television. Move the book on the shelf opposite, then read a message from Phil Air. Go downstairs to see Edgar Foss again. After he leaves, go outside and use your gravity glove to grab the tracebot (1/3) that is flying around. Go back along the road and along Maple Wend Street toward where you met Phil Air earlier. Jump up to the raised area just south of here to find a secret note (3/4). Continue to the right to return to the steps of Raven HQ, and wait to the left here to catch another tracebot (2/3). Go back along the main road and you will find a small courtyard with a table and a board-game. Catch the final tracebot (3/3) here, then make your way up to a high ledge on the right by going up the steps to the left and working your way around to find the final secret note (4/4). Now head back towards your house and follow the sign towards the town square.

Town Square

Take the northern path from the square and enter Phil Air's Oxygen Shoppe. Talk to Phil, then leave again. Go to the west side of this area and talk to Professor Cage, then go down into the basement via the entrance just to the left. In the basement, explore the passage to the right and open the closet to find a note from his assistant. Go back to the main corridor and flip the switches until they all turn green and the door opens. Grab the briefcase, then quickly run back along the corridor and exit using the ladder. Talk to Professor Cage again to receive a light module for your gravity glove.

Go just north from here and talk to Fester Byrne (in the wheelchair). Enter his yard and throw all the rubbish over the edge, then grab the paint and apply red to the top of the wall, blue to the middle and green to the bottom. Talk to Fester again for some information.

Go back to the middle of the city square and move some crates along the northwest edge to find a secret note (1/2). Go to the far south of the area and jump over some floating islands to reach another platform. Find another secret note (2/2) here, as well as a tracebot (1/2). Jump back over the islands and talk to Gus Levin. While you are here, head up the spiral staircase to the right, then jump across to the roof to the left and grab the last tracebot (2/2). Go to the middle of the square again and watch for a tall man with a top hat. Follow him and sneak behind him, then quickly grab his purse. Go back and give it to Gus in exchange for an oxygen mask. Go back to see Phil again and talk to him, then go down the trapdoor.


Step on the small platform to open the furnace, then take the rubbish bag from inside. Carry it along the tunnel south; there is a fan to the west here that you will come back to later. For now, turn east, then drop the rubbish bag on another panel to open the passage. Continue east past the two intersections and follow the next tube east until you find some dynamite. Carry this back and through it at the fan from earlier, then go behind it to find a secret note (1/2). Go back to the dynamite and put some next to the blockage in the tunnel going north at one of the intersections. Go back to the dynamite again and throw it at the fan to the east. Go through to find a laboratory.

Read the diploma on the wall and listen to the tape. Pick up a coal from the fire and carry it back to the dynamite next to the blockage to destroy it, then continue north. Grab a battery from the sludge flowing past, and carry it (behind the fence) to the far right where you can drop it on the platform, then continue east. Follow the path north and around the corners to grab a tracebot (1/3). Go back around to the south and approach the sludge to see a massive tentacle briefly appear. Go back the other way to find a large open area with sludge all over the floor. Jump across to the right and use one of the boxes to help you reach the far right.

Go south in the next tunnel to find the last secret note (2/2). Go north now to find a whirlpool. You need to jump over the rubbish to reach the opposite exit, but on the way grab another tracebot (2/3). Follow the tunnels around to the north to find another large area with two pipes leaking sludge on the left and right, and a large pool to the north. You need to attach extra pipes to divert the leaking sludge into the main pool to raise the level, so the shipping containers rise up. You can use the pipes already here, and grab some more from the nearby tunnels and from the pool itself. Once you are done, jump over the containers to the opposite platform and grab another tracebot (3/3).

Go straight north to a chamber containing a large octopus. Here you must grab dynamite and place it on the ground just before the tentacles strike to blow all 4 of them up. After this the octopus will swallow the rest of the dynamite. Survive long enough for burning coals to fall down, then hold these over the octopus' mouth to blow it up for good. Jump over the body and along another tunnel, then use the flip station. Smash your way through the wall on the right, then stack some crates so you can jump up to the ladder in the back right of the cellar to climb up and out of the cellar.

Lower City

Leave the building (you will automatically put on your oxygen mask). Open the gate here, then follow the tram tracks and enter the dark mine. Grab a torch from the wall and carry this north over the path, using it to light the torches on either side of the next gate to make it open. In the next room you will find a secret note (1/3). Leave the mine and grab an oxygen tank from the ground here and head east to find a market. Give the oxygen tank to the first vendor and he will release his tracebot (1/3) from its cage.

Find a path to the south to locate the "Defy Gravity" garbage dump. Pick up the planks and use them to help you jump across so you can reach a secret note (2/3) on the nearby roof.

Go northeast to find a guarded warehouse that you will need to enter. Return towards the market and talk to the first beggar you see, who offers to help. Find another oxygen bottle and give it to this beggar to receive a hint. Explore southeast and move a rock at the far right, then pick up the key. Enter the house here and go upstairs and through another door to reach the roof. Find another secret note (3/3) just to the left behind some vents. Now walk across the power line to the north towards the warehouse. Move the large wrecking ball to smash the statue and the guards will move south so you can drop down. Grab another tracebot (2/3), then use the crate to the right to jump up to the balcony and get inside.

Sneak past the guard and grab a battery from next to him, then insert it into the panel in the room to the right. Continue forward and use the elevator to go up. Jump over the suspended boxes and get the final tracebot (3/3), then head through the next passage. Head right at the end and avoid the compressors (turning them off speeds up the rest). At the far end, talk to Jacob Fisher. Exit to the left, then turn the red valve and go through the gate to leave the warehouse. Go just left of the market and talk to Gus Levin, then use the bag he offers. Follow the instructions and you will eventually reach your destination. Go down the staircase and through the doors, then talk to Gus again. Go back out, upstairs and up the ladder, then go around to the left and up the stairs. Use the flip station at the top.

Town Square

Just head to the east into the next area.

Upper City

Continue east and follow the sign to Maple Wend Street. You will eventually reach the guarded gate of Foss' mansion.

Break In

Climb up to the building across the road to the south and use the crates here to get up to the top of the roof. Go to the right, then walk over the wire to reach the mansion's front yard. Grab a tracebot (1/3) flying around the right side of the front yard. Try to open the front door, but it is locked. Go towards the hedge maze and sneak behind the guard so you can steal his key. Now go and enter through the front door.

Go straight ahead and go down the trapdoor. Approach the gate straight ahead, then get a second tracebot (2/3) from the left. Climb back up the ladder, then go up the staircase. Enter the movie room on the left and climb up the ladder here to find an attic. Take the energy core. Move the loose boards here and drop down into a secret room to find the final tracebot (3/3). Return to the movie room, then sneak into the room to the right and read the note on the counter. Go around and examine the statues, and combining this information with the note, you can work out a secret 5 digit code. Go to the locked door upstairs and enter the code 36492. Go inside and take the key from the desk. Go back down into the attic and use your new key on the locked gate, then go and talk to your father in his cell.


After your cell opens, unlock Professor Cage's cell and he will leave. Go right along a corridor with multiple cameras, then through a large room filled with cells holding prisoners. Continue through the door to the right, and go to the north end of this room to find an elevator without power. Continue right through another door. In here there is a power generator at the bottom right, and a series of relays that you can turn to direct the flow of power. Direct the power all the way to the north, moving some crates to clear a path as needed, and using a heavy crate to weigh down a pressure plate to open a gate. At the far end of this section, you need to use the central relay to deflect both power beams. Explore in the far northwest corner of the room to find secret note (1/4), and the far northeast corner to find another secret note (2/4). Now go back to the elevator in the previous room. Before going up, explore a room to the left. In here you can grab a tracebot (1/3) and search the cupboards to get a secret note (3/4). Now leave this room and use the elevator to go up.

Go into the storage area on the right and crawl through the vent. Stack boxes and furniture in front of the 2 turrets to block their view so you can get past and enter the room to the southeast. Grab the tracebot (2/3) here, then crawl through another vent to return to the storage area. Hop into the barrel back in the storage area, and use it to evade the guard patrolling the next corridor, so you can go through a door to the left. Try to use the exit door in the next room, but you will need to find a guard's mask to get verification from the door's security system.

Continue through the door to the left and steal a key from the patrolling guard. Head through the door to the left (don't go to the cafeteria area to the north). Watch out for a guard patrolling the northern part of the next room and go through another door to the left. Grab the final tracebot (3/3). Press the large red power switch, then quickly get into the barrel. Wait for the guards to come and go, then take your barrel with you and go back through two doors. Head towards the cafeteria and into a corridor to the right (you may need the barrel to sneak past the guards here). Go along the corridor and find the final secret note (4/4) between the cupboards and shelving on the right. Open the door on the right and remove the battery from its slot on the wall to disable the lasers outside, then go out and upstairs. Take the mask from the desk here, then go back down the stairs. Return to the security door requiring the mask and go through.

In the next room you must destroy the central computer by grabbing 4 purple energy balls and throwing them at the computer. It will be protected by shields when the orange power sources are pointing at the adjacent power receivers, so you can make things easier by placing barrels in the way before you get started. Just keep dodging all the other obstacles, and once you have destroyed the computer, go through the exit door to the north.

Prison Yard

Try to use the flip station, but it has no power yet. Get into the barrel and go through the lasers, behind the guards. Slowly make your way south, pausing if the guards take notice (their eyes will turn yellow if curious). Keep left and go to the shipping containers, then get out of the barrel and go right into the bottom left corner to find a secret note (1/2). Get back into your barrel and slowly make your way back through the gate. Go to the top left of the area and stack the crates so you can jump up and use the power switch. Use the barrel to sneak back behind the guards. Go through the lasers again, then get out of your barrel and use the flip station.

Enter the building to the north. Drop the 3 energy cores in their holders so they are lined up as they spin around, and you will blow a hole in the eastern wall. Go in there and lure out the PK bots to destroy them, then go in the side room to find another secret note (2/2).

Return outside and follow the tram tracks into a mine. Put a rock in the northern lift, then get on and move the rock to the southern lift. If you stand near the edge and jump straight up, you should be able to just grab the tracebot (1/1) in the small cave to the north. Drag an ember on to the dynamite to the rock to blow up the obstruction, then repeat a second time. Now just run and jump to the far right and exit this area.

Lower City Hub

Enter the Communication Center to the north and you will see lots of tracebots. Make sure you grab the tracebot (1/1) on the top row, second from the left, in the second section. Go back outside and jump up on to the buildings so you can leap on to the suspended box, and then over the locked gates. Go through the doors. Watch the rat get blown up on the tiled floor ahead. You can pick up a barrel and drop it on the tiles to work out which ones are safe. Pick up the battery from the alcove to the right and insert it on the back wall, then grab the other battery from the right of the tiled floor and insert it as well. Now get to the flip station and use it.

Go around the corner and find a secret note (1/1) behind a small building with an octagonal roof. Get on the small platform down the stairs and to the left, and use it to travel to the final area.

Final Showdown

Leave the station by heading south. Go down the stairs to your house and find a tracebot (1/2) and a secret note (1/3). Go around towards Raven HQ, but don't go inside just yet. Go up the steps to the left and return to the mansion. In the gardens out the front find another tracebot (2/2) and secret note (2/3). Go through the hedge maze to the cellar entrance and find the final secret note (3/3). Now return to Raven HQ and head inside.

In this final battle, keep avoiding Foss while he shoots rockets at you. Pick up the dynamite and throw it back at him. When he starts charging, get him to run into the 4 support beams and then finally the northern door. Run along the corridor to the north and you will reach a button at the very end. Use this to complete the game.